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Efficient web font loading has never been easier!
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Nuxt Webfontloader - Efficient web font loading has never been easier!

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📖 Release Notes


  • Full support of SVGs as components. Import them like your Vue SFCs
  • Built on top of Google's/Typekit's webfontloader
  • Improves site performance by loading web-fonts asynchronously
  • Nuxt 2 (and only Nuxt 2) support
  • Fully tested!


  • Add nuxt-webfontloader as a dependency using yarn or npm to your project
  • Add nuxt-webfontloader to modules section of nuxt.config.js
  modules: [
  • Include your webfontloader options in the nuxt.config.js, for example:
export default {
  webfontloader: {
    google: {
      families: ['Lato:400,700'] //Loads Lato font with weights 400 and 700
  • Remove old stylesheets from your app template or nuxt.config.js head part:
export default {
    link: [
      // You don't need that line anymore!
      { rel: 'stylesheet', href: ',700' }


  • Clone this repository
  • Install dependencies using yarn install or npm install
  • Start development server using npm run dev


MIT License

Copyright (c) Alexander Lichter

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