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Releases: DevonPalma/SKPermissionsEx

The Normalization

12 Apr 12:28
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The Normalization Pre-release

Mass change to the way I go about handling all the events and well basically everything

  • added types
  • deleted old string based expressions
  • added new types based expressions
  • added some special abstract world based property expression classes (heavily based off of original property based expressions)

I am extremely happy with how the development of this plugin has gone, however I am realizing that this is getting very close to the end of the main development, this being I really need to know of bugs and issues, or whatever it may be. Along side this, here is what is still needed on my todo list

options, rank ladders and promotions, timed based permissions and groups, and a condition if an pexentity has a perm

if you have any other request I highly encourage you to send them to me! I want this addon to be the best it can at doing what it should and that is interacting with PermissionsEx.

Group Release

10 Apr 18:52
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Group Release Pre-release

Has all group based parts added in,