Demonstrates the new immutable model features using the Microsoft.Bcl.Immutable collections
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Demonstrating an immutable model using the new immutable collections from Microsoft available on nuget as Microsoft.Bcl.Immutable

Uses NET Framework 4.5 (required by Microsoft.Bcl.Immutable) and OrigoDB.Core 0.11.1 (prerelease) A single project solution with a console application demonstrating use of the model.

Things to notice:

  • An instance of TodoModel can not be mutated
  • Commands derive from ImmutabilityCommand<TodoModel>
  • The commands Execute methods have an out parameter of type TodoModel
  • Methods of the TodoModel return a new instance of TodoModel and play well with the commands
  • The Engine is configured to support immutability = Immutable kernel, no locking and no result serialization

OrigoDB Project page: