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React Native TextInput Utils (iOS only)

npm version MIT

A react native extendsion which allows you to control TextInput better.

The original name is react-native-keyboard-toolbar, because the latest add some features, I think the old name is not suitable for this package.



0.3.7 - Now support RN 0.40

0.3.6 - New feature of setPickerRowByIndex and reloadPickerData by @DaveAdams88

0.2.5 - Added the fully support of multiline <TextInput/>

0.2.1 - Added the support of tintColor, which can set the cursor color

0.2 - Added the support of dismissKeyboard, moveCursorToLast and setSelection

0.1 - Added the support of setting an UIPickerView as the inputView

What can I do?

  1. Adding UITabBarItem(s) into the keyboard of <TextInput/>
  2. Adding a UIPickerView as a default keyboard of <TextInput/>
  3. Setting the selection area or cursor using only two parameters, which are start and length

The PickerIOS Component in React Native 0.13 cannot be styled well outside NavigatorIOS


This extension does not support <TextInput/> with multiline={true}, and I need some time to figure out. If you got some idea, it will really welcome to send me a PR.


I am still very simple to use

cd to your React Native project directory and run

npm install react-native-textinput-utils --save

How to run

Runing the demo

Download and open the RCTTextInputUtilsDemo.xcodeproj file, and runs.

Using this package in other project

You might need to add the es7.classProperties into your PROJECT_ROOT/npm_modules/react-native/packager/transformer.js and PROJECT_ROOT/npm_modules/react-native/packager/react-packager/.babelrc

iOS configuration

  1. In XCode, in the project navigator right click LibrariesAdd Files to [your project's name]
  2. Go to node_modulesreact-native-textinput-utils and ADD RCTTextInputUtils.xcodeproj
  3. Drag libRCTKeyboardToolbar.a (from 'Products' under RCTTextInputUtils.xcodeproj) into GeneralLinked Frameworks and Libraries phase. (GIF below)
  4. Run your project (Cmd+R)


Basic Usage

var RCTKeyboardToolbarTextInput = require('react-native-textinput-utils');

If you want a UIPickerView

var pickerViewData = [
    label: 'One',
    value: 'ValueOne'
    label: 'Two',
    value: 'ValueTwo'
    label: 'Three',
    value: 'ValueThree'
  onPickerSelect={(selectedIndex)=>{console.log(`selected ${selectedIndex}`)}}

If you want to set the cursor color


If you want to set the selection area


and you can call

this.refs['reference'].setSelection(start, length);

Or you just want to simply move the cursor to the last


Or dismiss the keyboard whenever you want



The <TabBarNavigator/> object can take the following props:

Basic Parameters

  • leftButtonText: The text in the left-side UIToolBarItem, if this value is empty, the UIToolBarItem on the left side will not be created
  • rightButtonText: The text in the right-side UIToolBarItem, if this value is empty, the UIToolBarItem on the right side will not be created
  • onCancel: The callback function of left-side UIToolBarItem
  • onDone: The callback function of right-side UIToolBarItem
  • tintColor: The cusor color

And both onCancel and onDone will passing an function back, if you call that function, the keyboard will be dismissed.

function onCancel_Or_onDone(dismissKeyboardFunction) {
    console.log(`I will dismiss the keyboard`);

PickerView related Parameters

  • pickerViewData: The data source of the PickerView, should be an Array, which each element is an Object, and the label in each Object will be display in the PickerView
  • onPickerSelect: The callback function when user picks an option, will pass the selectedIndex back, you can use this index to reference back to your data Array
function onPickerSelectCallback(selectedIndex) {
    console.log(`Selected Index is ${selectedIndex}`);

If you set the ref props of this Component, you can reference it back after constructor is called. You can use this.refs[YOUR_REFERENCE] to access the Component`s related methods.

Here is the methods

  • dismissKeyboard: If you want to dismiss the keyboard or the UIPickerView, just call it.
  • moveCursorToLast: If you want to set the cursor to the last position, just call it.
  • setSelection(start, length): Using this method, you can set the selection area, if the length = 0, the cursor will move to start position.


If something is undocumented here, and it is not clear with you, feel free to create an issue here, I will tried my best to answer you.

Anything else

Feel free to request new features, just create an issue. It will be very welcome to pull request for me.

My email

Facebook Dicky Tsang

Sina Weibo @桐乃


A react native extension which allows you to control TextInput better.



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