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Diffy CircleCI Orb

Diffy is a visual regression testing platform for websites.

Repository contains code for Diffy's CircleCI Orb.

CircleCI registry

Orb provides a job to compare Pantheon's DEV environment with Multi Dev. This job is a replacement of BackstopJS visual regression job in Pantheon Build Tools workflow.

Once you have set up a project by using Drops 8 workflow you can use Diffy to run visual regression testing.

Accept "Allow Uncertified Orbs" under your Organization Security settings in CircleCI. This can be done in

Configure CircleCI environment variables. Check documentation page.

Once variables are configured you need to edit your .circleci/config.yml file.

Add an orb (place it at the top of the file)

   diffy: diffy/diffy@0

Then declare Diffy's job in jobs section

diffy_visual_regression_test: diffy/compare_multidev_dev

And last -- add a new job in workflows (you can remove standard visual_regression_test step from workflow too).

- diffy_visual_regression_test:
    - configure_env_vars
    - deploy_to_pantheon
        - master

Here is how your result config.yml will look like Diffy CircleCI add custom Orb


To release the orb after making some changes you need to

circleci orb validate src/orb.yml
circleci orb publish increment src/orb.yml diffy/diffy patch
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