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DigitalState Platform

Welcome to the Guide repo for the DigitalState Platform.

There are many ways to get started depending on your Goals


  1. Ansible/SDK - Start Here
  2. Build your first Digital Public Service
  3. Network Configurations
  4. Cloud Deployments
  5. On-Premise Deployments
  6. Production/"Going-Live" Considerations

Service Designers

  1. Service Directory
  2. Camunda
  3. Formio
  4. Design Patterns
  5. Service-Discussions

Government Staff

  1. Whats this all about?
  2. Can I talk to someone?
  3. Use Cases


What is the Portal UI


What is the Admin UI


What is the API


The following are screenshots from the Portal and Admin UI


Admin Login

Admin User List

Admin User View

Portal (Individuals)

Portal Individual Login

Portal Individual Signup