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Add a drop-down 'actions' menu to each row of your Django model's admin changelist

Updated Aug 27, 2016

Python 50 12


An app that will analyze and report on links in any model that you register with it. Links can be bare (urls or image and file fields) or embedded in HTML (linkcheck handles the parsing). It's fairly easy to override methods of the Linkcheck object should you need to do anything more complicated (like generate URLs from slug fields etc).

Updated Aug 23, 2016

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Updated Aug 23, 2016

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For use with Django Filebrowser. (This is for the no-grappelli fork but might work without modification of the original). A model field and widget that combines the normal FilebrowseField with the direct upload functionality of the UploadField. The widget has both an upload and browse button.

Updated Aug 22, 2016

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Updated Aug 16, 2016

Python 0 79


forked from zlorf/django-dbsettings

Application settings whose values can be updated while a project is up and running

Updated Aug 15, 2016

JavaScript 3 1


A Django TinyMCE Field including a modified build of TinyMCE

Updated Aug 12, 2016

Python 0 88


forked from jmoiron/johnny-cache

johnny cache django caching framework

Updated Jul 6, 2016

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Updated Jun 17, 2016

Python 0 10


forked from saxix/django-adminfilters

Updated Jun 3, 2016

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forked from juanpex/django-model-report

django reports integrated with highcharts

Updated May 20, 2016

Python 0 2


forked from fruitschen/custom-sorl-thumbnail

customization to the sorl template tag.

Updated Apr 29, 2016

Python 0 2


forked from nathan-osman/django-multi-fk

Automatically update multiple foreign keys in the Django admin

Updated Mar 16, 2016

Python 0 152


forked from burke-software/django-report-builder

A GUI for Django ORM. Build custom queries and display results. Targets sys admins and capable end users who might not be able to program.

Updated Mar 9, 2016

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forked from burke-software/django-admin-export

Generic export to xls action for Django admin interface

Updated Mar 2, 2016

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Updated Feb 16, 2016

Updated Feb 11, 2016

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forked from tzulberti/django-datefilterspec

Adds filtering by ranges of dates in the admin filter sidebar.

Updated Feb 5, 2016

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forked from zmathew/django-ajax-upload-widget

Provides AJAX file upload functionality for FileFields and ImageFields with a simple widget replacement in the form.

Updated Oct 22, 2015

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forked from yourcelf/django-jimmypage

Generation-based whole page caching for Django

Updated Oct 15, 2015