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Setup Doorbot

A set of scripts to set up a DoESLiverpool DoorBot.


DoES Liverpool has three types of doorbot. Most of the basics are shared between them all, and that is all contained within the base-doorbot role. Other roles, such as the one running a web browser for doorbot1, are layered on top of that.


  1. Install Ansible on your computer
  2. Install the latest Raspbian lite image onto a micro-SD card
  3. Boot the Raspberry Pi with the micro-SD card, while plugged into a network via Ethernet
  4. Find out the IP address of the Raspberry Pi
  • Use nmap (eg: nmap -p 22 10.0.*.* --open), router or monitor to find IP address of Pi once booted.
  1. Copy your SSH credentials onto the Pi ssh-copy-id pi@<ip-address-of-the-pi>
  2. Edit the ./hosts file so ansible knows which computer to configure. Change the IP address in it to match the one you just found out.
  3. Check you can run commands on the Pi using Ansible ansible <doorbotN> -i hosts -a "hostname" -u pi
  4. Create the hashed password file to use in a moment (if you don't already have it). At the prompt, provide the relevant password for the doorbot mkpasswd --method=sha-512 > protected_scripts/doorbot1-pwd.txt
  5. Change the SSH port and default password on the doorbot ansible-playbook ssh-config-doorbot1.yml -e pi_password=`cat protected_scripts/doorbot1-pwd.txt` -i hosts
  6. Copy protected_scripts/wpa_supplicant.conf.example to protected_scripts/wpa_supplicant.conf and update it to the correct WiFi SSID/password
  7. Populate protected_scripts/id_rsa and protected_scripts/, most likely by copying contents from an existing doorbot.
  8. Update the Pi, using the correct playbook for the doorbot you're creating, e.g. ansible-playbook doorbot1.yml -i hosts


Scripts to install the software required to deploy the Raspberry Pi DoorBots



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