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Runbook automation platform with deep observability integrations for SRE & On-Call Teams


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tl;dr Automate investigation of production issues with Doctor Droid Bot.

Watch Demo of our v1.3.3 release

Doctor Droid Demo

How does Doctor Droid automate investigations?

Doctor Droid is a bot that can automatically go to 15+ types of observability tools & servers, run commands and fetch data for you whenever you receive an alert.

This helps reduce the time taken to investigate an issue and can potentially completely automate it.

How Doctor Droid works

How to configure Investigations in Doctor Droid?

You can create PlayBooks to configure investigations. PlayBooks are intelligent documents that are connected to every part of your stack where you might need to look for monitoring -- you can fetch logs, metrics, query databases, run commands on remote servers, fetch container data and even define custom API calls.

A Sample Playbook in Doctor Droid


  • The sandbox has a few sample playbooks created.
  • You can also check out the #demo-alerts channel in community Slack workspace to see how automated replies are received for alerts.

Getting Started

2. Installation

Use this command to get started using Docker:

docker-compose -f deploy.docker-compose.yaml up -d

Looking for Helm chart or custom branch deployment? Read our installation doc here.

3. Learn more: Watch tutorials on our YouTube channel

Connect with us:

  • Want to contribute? Read our contribution guidelines.

  • For Feedback or Feature Requests: Share with us in Slack or Github issues.

  • Bug Report? Create a jam and share it with us on Github or Slack!

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