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Duguid Lab

Neural Circuits & Motor Behaviour

Duguid Lab

Welcome to the Duguid Lab's Github page! Here you can find all software tools and analyses we have made public.

We investigate how movement is encoded in the brain. Using the neocortex and cerebellum as model systems, our research focusses on unravelling the complex cellular and circuit mechanisms underpinning simple and skilled motor behaviours. By employing a multi-level cellular and systems neuroscience approach combining in vivo patch-clamp electrophysiology, two-photon imaging, viral-based manipulation techniques and quantitative behaviour, we aim to generate new insights into the neural computations that underlie different motor behaviours.

Popular repositories

  1. Publicly available code

    MATLAB 2 2

  2. pixels Public

    Neuropixels data analysis pipeline

    Python 2 3

  3. A rodent touchscreen-based visuomotor behaviour platform

    Python 1

  4. Our own analyses using the pixels pipeline

    Python 1

  5. .github Public

    Duguid lab Github landing page

  6. reach Public

    Forked from m-col/reach

    Raspberry Pi visually-guided reaching task for mice



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