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A Python wrapper for the Jama API
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This module offers a light-weight wrapper to the Jama api in Python.

It provides programmatic access to many features of Jama including item manipulation. The Jama api is documented at

Basic Usage

In order to use this API you will need to have access to a Jama instance and an authenticated account.

Create a configuration file ~/.jama containing the following. Be sure to replace with your own instalation's details:

url =
account = <username>
password = <password>

Example to use the api to get an item from jama. The Jama Soap API documentation for getItem looks like this:

getItem(WsAuth token, java.lang.Long itemId)

The Python call to getItem simply looks like:

from jama import API
api = API()
item = api('getItem', 1234)

Note that the WsAuth token is required by all Jama api calls so is handled by python-jama. The item returned by a call to jama.api is a Suds object. See the suds documentation for more information.

An example which gets all direct child items of a particular document type:


example_item_generator = api.create_leaf_generator(
     ('event_code', 'code')

for item_dict, jamaid in example_item_generator:
    print(item_dict['name'], item_dict['code'])


pip install python-jama

or download the source package from the project page on github and run

python install


Development is carried out on the github project page, patches and pull requests are most welcome!

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