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The gdsFileParser verifies GDSII files. The parser mechanism exposes GDSII data with callback functionality.


This library only parses, at the lowest level, the information contained in the GDSII files. It does not provide an API to store this data in any persistent manner. This is where the programmer must add their implementation on top of this library to make the data useful.

Get Involved

If you or your company would like to participate in this project, please email us at If you want to do simple code or documentation fixes but do not want to be a participating party, please take a look at these instructions on how to create a new pull request

If you would like to ensure that this library covers a particular file or coverage of data in a file, please email us a test case file at or check it into the testData directory by following these instructions: Please do not check-in any data that you don't want shared with the world. We do not take any responsibility for design data that is part of this repository.

The Test Data

Make sure you pull down this repository using the recursive flag. This will supply more test data.

git clone --recursive

Additional Notes

Calma-GDSII to Layout

Array => Instances

Boundary element => Polygon, Rectangle, Circle, Hole

Box element => Rectangle

Element => Text

Node => None

None => Pin

Path element => Path, Wire, Trace

Plex => None

Sref element => Instance

Structure element => Design


This library is a low level parser for the GDSII file format.





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