OAI-PMH Objective-C harvester is an Objective C library/wrapper over the OAI-PMH protocol
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OAI-PMH Objective-C harvester is an Objective C library/wrapper over the OAI-PMH protocol. The Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) is a low-barrier mechanism for repository interoperability. Data Providers are repositories that expose structured metadata via OAI-PMH. Service Providers or metadata harvesters (like this one) then make OAI-PMH service requests to harvest that metadata. OAI-PMH is a set of six verbs or services that are invoked within HTTP.


  1. Download or clone this project on your machine

  2. Copy & Paste the folder OAIHarvester in your project, drag the folder in your XCode project as usual

  3. In your projects precompiled header file (.pch extension) add the following lines

    #import "TouchXML.h" #define BASE_NAMESPACE @"http://www.openarchives.org/OAI/2.0/"

  4. Enable libxml2 library

  • In XCode, within Build Settings, search for Header search paths setting and add /usr/include/libxml2 value to it
  • In the same place, search for Other linker flags setting and add -lxml2 value
  1. You are ready to use the library


Instantiate a new harvester
OAIHarvester *harvester = [[OAIHarvester alloc] initWithBaseURL:@"PLACE THE OAI BASE URL OF YOUR REPOSITORY HERE"];

Identify instance is ready for you:<br>

NSLog(@"repo name = %@", harvester.identify.repositoryName);
NSLog(@"baseURL = %@", harvester.identify.baseURL);
NSLog(@"granularity = %@", harvester.identify.granularity);
for (NSString *email in harvester.identify.adminEmails){
	NSLog(@"admin email = %@", email);
for (NSString *compression in harvester.identify.compressions){
	NSLog(@"compression = %@", compression);

Metadata formats are also ready for you:

for (MetadataFormat *format in harvester.metadataFormats){
    NSLog(@"%@: %@", format.prefix, format.namespce);

Sets are also ready for you:

for (Set *set in harvester.sets){
    NSLog(@"%@: %@", set.fullSpec, set.name);

Define metadata prefix and set for your harvester (the latter is optional):

harvester.metadataPrefix = @"oai_dc";
harvester.setSpec = ((Set *)[harvester.sets objectAtIndex:0]).fullSpec;

List records (1st way - using resumption tokens):

NSArray *records = [harvester listRecordsWithResumptionToken:nil error:&error];
if (error){
    NSLog(@"error = %@", [error localizedDescription]);
else {
    if ([harvester hasNextRecords]){
        NSArray *records2 = [harvester getNextRecordsWithError:&error];
        Record *record = [records2 objectAtIndex:0];
        NSLog(@"identifier = %@", record.recordHeader.identifier);
        NSLog(@"status = %i", record.recordHeader.status);
        NSLog(@"datestamp = %@", record.recordHeader.datestamp);
        for (NSString *set in record.recordHeader.setSpecs){
            NSLog(@"set = %@", set);
        NSLog(@"namespace: %@", record.recordMetadata.namespce);
        NSLog(@"schemaLoacation: %@", record.recordMetadata.schemaLocation);
        for (MetadataElement *metadata in record.recordMetadata.metadataElements){
            NSLog(@"%@: %@", metadata.name, metadata.value);

List records (2nd way - get all items at once):

NSArray *records = [harvester listAllRecords error:&error];


A fully detailed example can be found here. It is an open-source iOS example of how to use this library in a real OAI-PMH enabled repository, the one of Serres Public Library.


  • No validation of the incoming xml
  • No support for resumption tokens in the following verbs: ListSets
  • No support for date selective harvesting for the verbs: ListIdentifiers and ListRecords
  • No support for the "description" element in Identify verb
  • No support for the "about" element in ListRecords verb


The only dependency of this project is the TouchXML library that can be found here.


Kostas Stamatis
National Documentation Center / NHRF


Creative Commons License
OAI-PMH ObjC Harvester by Konstantinos Stamatis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.