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Astrosmash is a video game for the Intellivision videogame console, designed by John Sohl, and released by Mattel Electronics in 1981. The game involves using a laser cannon to destroy falling meteors, bombs, and other targets. More than one million copies were sold, and the game replaced Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack as the game included with the Intellivision console. - Wikipedia.

AstroSmash running on Motorola Photon Q

This is my port of AstroSmash from Java ME (J2ME) MIDlet to Android OS application with using SurfaceView Canvas drawing. I added touch controls and some game engine improvements. I used the Java Decompiler to understand the logic and restore the behavior of the original game.

AstroSmash Android Screen


You can download APK-package for Android OS from the releases section.

Build instructions

For example, GNU/Linux:

  • Install the latest Android SDK;

  • Clone repository into deploy directory;

cd ~/Deploy/
git clone AstroSmashAndroid
  • Build the APK-package into deploy directory with Gradle building script;
cd ~/Deploy/AstroSmashAndroid/
ANDROID_HOME="/opt/android-sdk/" ./gradlew assembleDebug
  • Install AstroSmash APK-package on your Android device via adb;
cd ~/Deploy/AstroSmashAndroid/
/opt/android-sdk/platform-tools/adb install -r astrosmash/build/outputs/apk/astrosmash-debug.apk
  • Run and enjoy!

You can also open this project in Android Studio IDE and build the APK-package by using this program.

More information

Please read Porting Guide (In Russian) for more info about porting AstroSmash to Android OS.


Port the AstroSmash Game from Java ME (J2ME) MIDlet to Android OS application with using SurfaceView Canvas drawing





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