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  1. wait-for wait-for Public

    Forked from mrako/wait-for

    ./wait-for is a script to wait for another service to become available.

    Shell 1.8k 409

  2. pipeline-the-game pipeline-the-game Public

    A digital version of:

    TypeScript 22 2

  3. JavaFXLibrary JavaFXLibrary Public

    Robot Framework library for JavaFX automation based on TestFX

    Java 21 11

  4. devStack devStack Public

    A series of scripts for setting up common developer application suites

    Groovy 2 3

  5. robotframework-oxygen robotframework-oxygen Public

    Oxygen is a Robot Framework tool that empowers the user to convert the results of any testing tool or framework to Robot Framework's reporting to consolidate all test reporting together regardless …

    Python 22 5

  6. robotframework-imagehorizonlibrary robotframework-imagehorizonlibrary Public

    Cross-platform Robot Framework library for GUI automation based on image recognition

    Python 71 28


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