Cross-platform Robot Framework library for GUI automation based on image recognition
Python RobotFramework
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This Robot Framework library provides the facilities to automate GUIs based on image recognition similar to Sikuli. This library wraps pyautogui to achieve this.

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Travis CI


On OS X, Retina display might double all coordinates from what they are suppose to be. Unfortunately you need to work around this problem yourself.

On Ubuntu, you need to take special measures to make the screenshot functionality to work correctly. The keyboard functions might not work on Ubuntu when run in VirtualBox on Windows.



If you have pip, installation is straightforward, although you need to explicitly install pillow first:

$ pip install pillow==2.9.0
$ pip install robotframework-imagehorizonlibrary

This will automatically install dependencies as well as their dependencies.


ImageHorizonLibrary should work on Windows "out-of-the-box". Just run the commands above to install it.


NOTICE ImageHorizonLibrary does not currently work with XCode v.8. Please use a previous version.

You additionally need to install these for pyautogui:

$ pip install pyobjc-core pyobjc

For these, you need to install XCode


You additionally need to install these for pyautogui:

$ sudo apt-get install python-dev python-xlib
$ sudo pip install pillow

You might also need, depending on your Python distribution, to install:

$ sudo apt-get install python-tk

If you are using virtualenv, you must install python-xlib manually to the virtual environment for pyautogui:

Running tests

$ python tests/utest/ [verbosity=2]


$ python tests/atest/