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./wait-for is a script to wait for another service to become available.
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Wait for another service to become available

./wait-for is a script designed to synchronize services like docker containers. It is sh and alpine compatible. It was inspired by vishnubob/wait-for-it, but the core has been rewritten at Eficode by dsuni and mrako.

When using this tool, you only need to pick the wait-for file as part of your project.

Build Status


./wait-for host:port [-t timeout] [-- command args]
  -q | --quiet                        Do not output any status messages
  -t TIMEOUT | --timeout=timeout      Timeout in seconds, zero for no timeout
  -- COMMAND ARGS                     Execute command with args after the test finishes


To check if is available:

$ ./wait-for -- echo "Eficode site is up"

Connection to port 80 [tcp/http] succeeded!
Eficode site is up

To wait for database container to become available:

version: '2'

    image: postgres:9.4

    build: backend
    command: sh -c './wait-for db:5432 -- npm start'
      - db


Ironically testing is done using bats, which on the other hand is depending on bash.

docker build -t wait-for .
docker run -t wait-for


Make sure netcat is installed in your Dockerfile before running the command.

RUN apt-get -q update && apt-get -qy install netcat

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