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This project is no longer supported and will receive no further updates. Thank you for using and supporting it!

Somfy Remote

This is a library to emulate one or multiple Somfy remote controls via a CC1101 module by Texas Instruments.

If you want to learn more about the Somfy RTS protocol, check out Pushtack.

All credit goes to Nickduino and his Arduino sketch that built the foundation of my library.


You need:

  • CC1101 433Mhz module by Texas Instruments
  • Arduino, ESP8266 or ESP32

Connect your CC1101 module according to the wiring instructions:


This library is based on a driver library for the CC1101 module:

Directly download it and the driver library or use this library via PlatformIO.

How To

For each blind you want to control individually:

  • Choose a remote name (choose any name you like as it only serves as your personal identifier)
  • Choose a remote code (make sure that you use each code only once across all remotes as it serves as identifier for the motors)
  • Upload the sketch
  • Long-press the program button of your actual remote until your blind goes up and down slightly
  • Send 'PROGRAM' to the simulated remote

To control multiple blinds together:

  • Repeat the last two steps with another blind (one by one)


Library to simulate multiple Somfy remote controls.







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