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Pushbullet plugin for Pidgin

Lets you (currently) send/receive SMS from your Android phone to/from Pidgin

The plugin is a work in progress and is a bit rough around the edges at the moment, but for now use your Access Token from as your password

Build on Linux using make && sudo make install (you'll need libjson-glib-dev, glib-2.0-dev and libpurple-dev packages)

Dll download available from (if you have't downloaded one of my plugins before, download the json-glib library into your Program Files (x86)\Pidgin folder (or Program Files\Pidgin), NOT into the plugins folder)

Workaround to setup a working PushBullet Access Token

Unfortunately, the Access Token you create on the Pushbullet website from does not allow this plugin to authorize itself properly. The steps below will enable you to workaround this current limitation.

First, make sure you have done a few precautionary steps:

  • Enable SMS on Pushbullet on your mobile applicaton
  • Login to Pushbullet on your desktop and ensure the desktop app and phone are syncing
  • If using a gmail account, ensure your gmail account allows for "less secure" apps to access your account

Second, follow these steps to setup your access token:

  1. Add a Pushbullet account in pidgin with your Pushbullet email address (leave the password option blank)
  2. Enable the account in Pidgin
  3. A prompt window will pop-up with "Approve or Deny" access in Pushbullet. Click "Approve".
  4. A new page will open (In Google Chrome) with the "Success Token" in the URL bar. While on the "Success Token" page do the following:
    1. Open the Chrome browswer Settings (three buttons to top right) > More tools > Developer tools.
    2. In the top columns, select "Application"
    3. On the left hand side, select "Local Storage" > ""
    4. In the "Key" column select "Desktop", to the right in the "Value" Pushbullet access token is ' '
    5. Copy this code without the ' ' marks
  5. Cancel the "Copy the Success Token URL" Pidgin dialog
  6. In Pidgin, Accounts > Manage Accounts > Modify the Pushbullet account
  7. Paste the correct access code, obtained via the steps above, into the password section


A Pushbullet plugin for Pidgin







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