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Used with the Cron plugin to automatically clean out a directory located in the /system/cache/ directory of your ExpressionEngine site. Does not allow you to specify multiple directories for the simple reason that deleting files actually does take time and it is a far better idea to have a different cron (and time) for each directory you want to clear.


  • which="" - specify which directory in the /system/cache/ directory of your site that you wanted deleted. ExpressionEngine comes, by default, with four cache directories (db_cache, sql_cache, tag_cache, page_cache), which you can specify without the '_cache' suffix. For example, just specify which="db".
  • limit="" - Limit the number of files to be deleted. If your site is popular and has a lot of caching, you do not want the plugin chugging away while a person tries to view your site. So, there is a limit to how many files this plugin will delete at one time. The default is 150.


Clear out the db_cache directory every morning at 5am.

{exp:cron minute="0" hour="5" which="db_cache" plugin="cron_clean_cache"}{/exp:cron}

Change Log

  • 1.1
    • Updated plugin to be 2.0 compatible
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