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Small script which generates Swift files from templates
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This tools creates Swift files from templates. Currently there are templates for View, ViewController and PageViewController. These are templates that I most often use when I create apps.

In order to see how the script works run ./ GuitarAppExample.txt. It will run through the GuitarAppExample file and generate Swift files based on the content.

Input file line examples:

MainScreen/Guitars/[V]Ibanez - creates IbanezView.swift. File will be placed in MainScreen/Guitars/ folder.

GuitarsGallery/[PVC]GuitarsGallery- creates GuitarsGalleryPageViewController.swift, GuitarsGallerySinglePageViewController.swift and GuitarsGallerySinglePageView.swift. Files will be placed in GuitarsGallery/ folder.

Options/[VC]Options- creates OptionsViewController.swift and OptionsView.swift. File will be placed in Options/ folder.

[V] stands for View

[VC] stands for ViewController

[PVC] stands for PageViewController

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