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Releases: Embarcadero/Dev-Cpp


31 Jan 01:24
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Version 6.3 - 30 January 2021

  • Added: Parallel compilation enabled by default for release builds through MAKE Jobs.
  • Added: 3 Buttons for setting up custom shell command line tabs.
  • Updated: Code completion and menues for dark themes.
  • Updated: CTRL-TAB editor tab selection wrapping.
  • Fixed: Make clean file deletion issue.
  • Fixed: Status bar not showing all text.
  • Fixed: Debug/CPU Window hex column issue.
  • Fixed: Closing tabs in editor side by side view.


13 Nov 17:48
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Version 6.2 - 13 November 2020

  • Added: 5 new UI styles. Windows 10 Black Pearl, Glossy, Calypso, Flat UI Light, Material Patterns Blue
  • Added: Default encoding for new documents option.
  • Added: New setting to enable and disable font ligature support.
  • Updated: Welcome screen hotkey backgrounds.
  • Updated: Allow multiple instances of Dev-C++ to run simultaneously.
  • Fixed: Error on AStyle Formatting Config Form
  • Fixed: Double clicking text now selects the current line.
  • Fixed: Auto Indent to {} and : now works correctly.
  • Fixed: CTRL-Y will not delete the current line if there is nothing left to redo.
  • Fixed: Buggy behaviour when highlighting matching braces.


02 Nov 14:31
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Version 6.1 - 2 November 2020

  • Updated: C++ keyword highlighting. Added some C++20 keywords.
  • Updated: Font ligature support.
  • Updated: SVGIconImageList dependency
  • Updated: SynEdit dependency.
  • Updated: Text file loading and saving dialogs with Encodings.
  • Added: Visual Studio Dark theme.
  • Fixed: Automatic Tab widths.
  • Fixed: Launching help from directory with spaces.
  • Fixed: Welcome screen issue when canceling closing.
  • Fixed: Shortcuts Form dark styling.
  • Fixed: Crash in Issue #26.


13 Oct 07:09
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Version 6.0 - 12 October 2020

  • Upgraded TDM-GCC to 32/64 9.2.0.
  • Upgraded compiler flags to reflect GCC 9.2.0 including c++17 and c++2a.
  • Upgraded FastMM4 to FastMM5.
  • Moved TDM-GCC to TDM-GCC-64 from MingW64.
  • Added CMD and PowerShell console tabs.
  • Added Windows 10, Windows 10 Slate Gray, and Windows 10 Blue Whale High DPI Styles
  • Added new high DPI SVG icon set for the new Styles through the SVGIconImageList project.
  • Added dialog styles through VCL Style Utils project.
  • Added custom draw editor tabs and close buttons.
  • Added saving and loading of UTF-8 characters.
  • Updated Chinese language files and installer.
  • Fixed crashes in AStyle dialog and unsaved formatting.
  • Moved config file to My Documents\Embarcadero\Dev-Cpp
  • Added new Welcome screen with shortcuts.
  • Updated documentation theming.
  • Added Heebo and Source Code Pro fonts for the interface and editor.
  • Added Monokai and Monokai Fresh editor color schemes.
  • Updated Packman with new Windows 10 Styles.


02 Jul 06:35
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Version 5.50 - 1 July 2020

  • Upgraded Packman to use Abbrevia
  • Upgraded AStyle to 3.1
  • Upgraded project to Delphi 10.4
  • Project forked as Embarcadero Dev C++
  • Project Sponsored by Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.