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Sample scripts for EnCo CloudEngine
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MyThings Scripts
Enco AR Viewer - CloudEngine sample script
Message aggregation with Key Values
SMS - lovebot sample

Cloudengine Sample Scripts

In this repositories you can find sample scripts for the EnCo CloudEngine. To reuse these scripts, you need access to the CloudEngine asset on Each scripts includes a small description of its purpose in the comment lines.

In order to use these samples Start by creating a new flow including a least one inbound and one outbound endpoint. Name and save your flow, then switch to script mode. From there, you can simply copy and paste a sample script. Once done, don't forget to adapt the inbound endpoint(s) accordingly as well as any URL or credential field used in the script, as needed.

Contributing You are free to contribute to this repository and add your own sample scripts. Don't forget to clean up your scripts by removing personal data such as phone numbers, email addresses, private URLs and credentials, replacing these by generic field data. Kindly add a few comment lines to make it easier to understand the objective of your scripts.

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