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Encapsule Project Encapsule Project: GitHub / Twitter

Exploration of declarative programming with data models and graph theory using JavaScript, Node.js, and HTML5.

Encapsule/jsgraph v0.7.1

Build Status

"Begin at the beginning," the King said very gravely. "and go on till you come to the end: then stop." - Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

See also: Mathematical Graph Theory

NEW DOCS for the v0.7.1 release: ARCcore.graph


This is a data modeling and algorithms library. It does not draw graphs in your browser!

Encapsule/jsgraph (aka ARCcore.graph) is a JavaScript library for storing and processing in-memory directed graph data sets inspired by Jeremy Siek's work on the Boost C++ Graph Library (BGL). The library is not a complete port of the BGL but does provide a very useful subset its functionality that is useful for building data-driven JavaScript applications.

Briefly, jsgraph library provides:


Encapsule/jsgraph is a stand-alone JavaScript library that may be used directly in Node.js applications. Or in the browser via webpack.

The library is also distributed as part of the Encapsule/ARCcore package that contains a number of other libraries for modeling and processing complex in-memory data in JavaScript applications that some of you may find interesting and useful.


This library is used in production applications. And, in ridiculous derived science projects. So, the bar is pretty high for taking changes (particularly breaking changes). And, PR's need to come with tests! Exceptions made on a case-by-case basis for nice people and important projects with wide benefit.

Release Notes

v0.7.1 is a maintenance release

  • Encapsule/jsgraph sources are now officially part of the Encapsule/ARCcore package.
  • Travis CI updated for Node.js v6.10.x LTS and v7.9.0 current releases. Older builds dropped.
  • Fixed a single test break caused by latest Node.js increasing verbosity of JSON parse error to include character position of failure.
  • Documentation has been revised and is now available on the Encapsule Project website: ARCcore.graph.

v0.7 is a breaking API change and documentation release

  • Added new method DirectedGraph.stringify
  • Changed method semantics of DirectedGraph.toJSON to return a serializable object instead of a JSON-encoded string.
  • Alias method DirectedGraph.toObject to call DirectedGraph.toJSON. The toObject method is now deprecated and will be removed in a future release.
  • Updated documentation:
    • Per above breaking changes to the DirectedGraph serialization API.
    • Added additional information on set/get of DirectedGraph name and description properties.

v0.6 is a bug fix release that's API-compatible with v0.5

  • DFT algorithm bug fixes impacting order and identity of client visitor callbacks.
  • Better error handling on bad developer-supplied visitor interfaces.
  • Better error handling for BFT/DFT algorithm empty start vector case.
  • You can now set name and description string properties on a DirectedGraph:

v0.5 is a breaking upgrade for users of v0.4

  • Stylistic changes are required to v0.4 clients to upgrade.
  • No more exceptions. jsgraph now returns error/result response objects.
  • Breadth-first * algorithms coalesced into breadthFirstTraverse.
  • Depth-first * algorithms coalesced into depthFirstTraverse.
  • Algorithms now support early terminate under client control.
  • ~400 new tests added for v0.5 release.
  • Documentation and example updates.

Copyright © 2014-2017 Christopher D. Russell