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Welcome to the Equilibria Wiki!

The Equilibria wiki is a collection of information regarding Equilibria. This wiki will be actively updated as Equilibria grows and progresses in development.

Equilibria Summary

Equilibria harnesses market forces and an on-chain asset to issue $USDE, a redeemable stablecoin whose supply automatically scales with demand.

We use the term ‘Equilibria Protocol’ to describe our proposed ecosystem for creating the US dollar-pegged stablecoin ‘USDE’ supported by the volatile coin ‘XEQ.’ Both coins, and the supporting market transaction data, will be written into the same blockchain – currently traded as Equilibria (XEQ) – a hybrid proof of work/stake cryptocurrency based on Monero.

The Equilibria Protocol has three overall functions:

A. To determine a robust, accurate, decentralized, and difficult to manipulate issuance and redemption rate for conversions to and from USDE.

B. To assure that this issuance and redemption process, combined with normal mining and oracle node payouts, cannot result in hyperinflation and collapse of the XEQ⇌USDE ecosystem.

C. To perform correct, fair, and permanent accounting for XEQ⇌USDE issuance and redemption.

Stable Value

Equilibria ($XEQ) holders can issue $USDE – a contract redeemable for $1 of $XEQ.


Oracle node network algorithm converts market data into $USDE issuance and redemption rates.


Every transaction you make is private and secure via ring signatures and stealth addresses

Open Source

A community project with public code. Anyone can contribute ideas.


Equilibria can be used by anyone with access to blockchain technology.




Web Wallet

Social Media


Equilibria Team

Harrison Hesslink - Founding Core Contributor Harrison is the founder of the Equilibria ecosystem as well as its core contributor. | Twitter

Thomas D. Parker - Business Development Thomas grows the adoption and awareness of Equilibria via business development and and digital marketing. | Twitter

Tyler Hulett, P.h.D. - Brand Management & Data Science Dr. Hulett heads brand design while contributing to algorithm concept development.
Twitter | Linkedin

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