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Mandelscape is a landscape walking simulator based on the Mandelbrot fractal. Walk around and explore the smallest of details by shrinking yourself.

Build Guide (Linux)

Mandelscape depends on GTK3. To install it on Debian:

sudo apt install libgtk-3-dev

To compile Mandelscape:

git clone
cd Mandelscape
cmake -Bbuild -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
cmake --build build --target Mandelscape
mv build/src/Mandelscape .

If everything built correctly, the program can now be run with ./Mandelscape

Binary Download (Windows)


  • Mouse: Look around.

  • WASD: Walk around.

  • SHIFT+WASD: Run around.

  • P: Toggle pause(releases mouse).

  • Left/Right mouse button: Shrink/grow.

  • Q/Escape: Quit.

  • CTRL+S/CTRL+O: Save/load preset.

  • CTRL+L: Load scripts.

  • J/K: Change iteration count.

  • 1-4 + Up/Down: Change colors.

  • 5 + Up/Down: Change terrain y scale.

  • X: Render image. Will be put inside directory named screenshots.

  • F: Toggle fast mode.

  • H: Allow for deeper zooms. Will increase lag (fast mode is recommended between rendering images).

  • L: Toggle lighting effects.

  • O: Toggle autozoom.

  • C: Toggle autowalk.


To use dvorak mode, start Mandelscape with --dvorak flag. Controls can be found in src/keymaps.cpp.

Using different scripts

Loading different scripts is done with ctrl+l. This opens up a file dialog, where you can select the script you want to use. Scripts can be identified by their file suffix myAlgorithm<suffix>, with <suffix> being:

  • shape.lua: Shape of the landscape.

  • value.frag: In what way the landscape is colored.

  • color.frag: Which colors are to be used when coloring the landscape.

Some algorithms can be found under landscape-scripts.

Detailed documentation on writing custom scripts is given in documentation/writing-custom-scripts.txt.