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Private Discord bot for misc things.
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Lykos is a private (Can't be added to servers without owners consent) Discord bot designed for personal use in some servers. The source is provided for research/development purposes and usage of it is subject to certain criteria.


1. Can I add Lykos to my server?


2. What's the invite link for this bot?

Refer to question 1

3. Can I host a public version?


4. How do I compile Lykos from source?

Work it out yourself.

5. Can I use ideas from this bot in my own?

Yes, as long as you don't copy/paste whole modules to achieve this.


By using the Lykos source code you agree to both the License ( and these terms. By ignoring or failing to follow these terms, you are in breach of the software license.

When hosting a self-hosted version of Lykos, you agree that:

  • Your modified source code must be publicly available and linked in the bot somewhere (For example as the response to a command). This means you cannot host the bot as-is, since this version does not link to a source yet.
  • Your source repository must link back to the original repository. This is acceptable if done by simply forking the original repository and leaving GitHub's "Forked from" notice intact. Otherwise, a notice and link must be included in the Readme or similar documentation.
  • Your bot CANNOT be public. The Public Bot checkbox on your Application MUST be unticked.
  • You cannot charge for anything in your bot or lock any feature behind "Upvotes" or similar mechanisms. Asking for donations is acceptable, if it does not limit any features.
  • You cannot list your bot on any "Bot list" services or otherwise advertise your bot outside of its source repository and word of mouth.
  • No support will be given on this repository for modifications of the source code. Issues created from self-hosted versions will only be considered if they can be reproduced in the original code.

In the event that an oversight causes these terms to contradict with the License of this software, the terms will take priority, even if means invalidating the original license.

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