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Build framework to start a server-rendered React/Redux application with a strong focus on developer experience

npm version

VitaminJS helps you start your React / Redux application right away.
It takes care of all the tremendous amount of boilerplate code used to initialize a project and help you focus and what matters : your application.

VitaminJS comes as a dependency in your application allowing you to always be up to date with the latest practices in the React community.

Behind the hood

What's included in the menu

  • React What else ?
  • Redux The community consensus for managing application state
  • React-Router v3 Routing comes easily
  • CSS modules Namespace your css
  • CSSNext Use tomorrow CSS syntax right now
  • React-Resolver Async rendering. Render your components when data has been fetched
  • Webpack with a bunch of useful loaders preconfigured
  • Server Side Rendering. SEO and mobile friendly, zero config needed.
  • Hot Module Reload Everywhere. On server. On reducers. On CSS. On react app. On configuration. No more Ctrl+R.
  • Error message on the browser. No need to switch to console anymore.
  • ES-next. ES2017, preset-latest on browser and present-env on node.

Get started


To start a vitamin powered application, simply install globally our command-line interface.

yarn global add vitaminjs-cli

Or if you are not using yarn

npm install -g vitaminjs-cli

Then create your project directory and start a new project with our CLI.

mkdir my-directory
cd my-directory
vitaminjs new

Set up the dev environment

To start the dev environment, simply run :

yarn start

or if you are not using yarn

npm start

By default, your app will be running on http://localhost:3000
Build errors will be displayed in your terminal. Everything will be hot reloaded.
You can start working on your app immediately !


VitaminJS contains all of its configuration in a .vitaminrc file.
When you create a new project, it has the minimal configuration to make it work.

If you want to go further in your development, you can customize your configuration. You can learn more about it in API Guide

Build for production

To build your application in production mode, run :

yarn build

or if you are not using yarn

npm run build

It bundles your application and optimizes its performances. The bundle is also minified.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have started to answer some frequently asked questions. You can find all of them here: FAQ
If you have any questions you think are worth be displayed, please raise an issue in the project.
We will try to update these questions as often as possible.


Are you interested in contributing to the project ? Great ! To do so, follow this simple steps:

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Do the changes you think are necessary. We are following Angular Commit Guidelines.
  3. Submit a pull request in the project

Release History

You can find all the changes in the Changelog


Universal Redux


MIT Β© Evaneos