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here we are

Toll fee calculator 1.0

A calculator for vehicle toll fees.

  • Make sure you read these instructions carefully
  • The current code base is in Java and C#, but please make sure that you do an implementation in a language you feel comfortable in like Javascript, Python, Assembler or ModiScript (please don't choose ModiScript).
  • No requirement but bonus points if you know what movie is in the gif


Our city has decided to implement toll fees in order to reduce traffic congestion during rush hours. This is the current draft of requirements:

  • Fees will differ between 8 SEK and 18 SEK, depending on the time of day
  • Rush-hour traffic will render the highest fee
  • The maximum fee for one day is 60 SEK
  • A vehicle should only be charged once an hour
  • Some vehicle types are fee-free
  • Weekends and holidays are fee-free

Your assignment

The last city-developer quit recently, claiming that this solution is production-ready. You are now the new developer for our city - congratulations!

Your job is to deliver the code and from now on, you are the responsible go-to-person for this solution. This is a solution you will have to put your name on.


You can make any modifications or suggestions for modifications that you see fit. Fork this repository and deliver your results via a pull-request or send us an e-mail. You could also create a gist, for privacy reasons, and send us the link.

Help I dont know C# or Java

No worries! we accept submissions in other languages as well, why not try it in Go or nodejs.