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Exim Mail Transport Agent - source, testsuite and documentation
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Exim Development Repository

This is the Exim (Mail Transport Agent) Development Repository. Please read the following information if you wish to use or contribute to the Exim development process - this is to prevent your or our time being unnecessarily wasted.

If you just want to use, build or get information on Exim then have a look at the pointers further down this file at "General Exim Information".

General Development Information

The general Exim development process and resources are documented in the wiki page at - although the wiki is likely to be moved and rehashed in the near future.

The sections below this duplicate much of the information form the wiki document.

Development Repositories

Exim development is kept within a git ( repository. The master repository is at git:// with a web interface giving change and source visibility at

There is a secondary repository on github at managed by the Exim Organisation - however this may currently fall out of synchronisation with the main one. We intend to manage this better in the future, but it is currently early days for our github repo.

Bug Tracking

Currently this is all done using Bugzilla at - please do not use github issue tracking.

Mailing List

Development issues are normally discussed on the exim-dev mailing list - see

Exim Release Process

Some documentation on the release process can be found at

General Exim Information

The best place to get general information is on the website at

You can find Download locations, Mailing list info and Full Documentation on that website.

If you are using a Linux or other freely available Unix like operating system it is very likely that your system will have Exim packaged for it already. In this case it is probably prudent to use these packages unless you have specialised requirements.

In any case you can always ask on the Exim Users mailing list for further information.


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