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Basic code to use the pytrack board and a LoPy (will potentially also work with the Fipy). If a µSD card is present it will also log co-ordinates to file.

Device Debug Information

Some output is printed to the console otherwise the RGB LED is used to show various states

Colour Type When Meaning
Yellow Flash Boot SD card Mounted
Red Steady Anytime No GPS Lock
Blue Flash Anytime Search for LoRaWAN
Blue Steady Anytime Joined LoRaWAN network
Yellow Flash Anytime Written to file
Green Flash Anytime Sent LoRaWAN message
Red Double Flash Anytime Write to SD card failed

Multiple LEDs can be lit at the same time so Purple means on LoRaWAN network but no GPS.


Utilities to recieve MQTT messages and display / record into mongo database for later analysis.

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