Information about #OWS technology, how to help, and how to use our code.
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What is FLOSolutions?
This is the Github account for the New York City General Assembly (NYCGA) Free/Libre/Open Source working group, and Internet Working Group.  It hosts the offical repositories for production ready code that is being developed and maintained by the NYCGA.  

If you would like to help:
Contact us via the volunteer form at
Fork a repository, and submit code.

If you would like to use our code:
All of our code is "Open Source" you may use an modify any code here, although you must adhere to the terms of the GPL unless otherwise stated.  

If you would like technical assistance in installing one of our applications, please contact the Internet Working Group here:

For more information on NYCGA FLOSolutions, join the group online at:

For more information about the NYCGA Internet Working Group, join the group online at:

For more information about our projects:

Have and app you'd like us to use?

This is a Statement of Purpose Document.  You can edit it by forking this repository, committing changes, and sending a pull request to FLOSolutions