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Experimental open FPGA IDE


  1. Install apio
  2. Install all tools: apio install --all
  3. Install Atom
  4. Install Apio-ide package: Edit > Preferences. + Install: search and install apio-ide
  5. Restart Atom

NOTE1: if apio is not detected try adding your echo $PATH in Settings:

NOTE2: debian users can also install the application by using apt-get. More information here:

Quick start

  1. Open an empty folder. E.g. leds
  2. Create an example: Apio > Examples and select the example.

  1. Verify, Build, Upload, Clean, Simulate and launch the Time analysis using the toolbar or the menu

  1. Also you can check the pinouts in Apio > Boards Pinouts.

NOTE: use only one project folder in the top level tree to avoid this Atom Core issue: