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Flying With Gauss

Who we are? We are a just random people that loves games, gauss guns, crossplatform apps and so on.

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  1. Counter-Strike 1.6 rewritten client.dll. Without VGUI, ParticleMan and ecology friendy.

    447 88

  2. Xash3D Android Project for NDK.

    Java 197 41

  3. Xash3D FWGS engine. Rebooted fork since big Xash3D 0.99(1.0 is not yet) update.

    C 260 46

  4. Fork of patched Half-Life SDK 2.3 from original Xash3D engine sources

    C++ 73 47

  5. xash3d Archived

    DEPRECATED in favor of Only bugfixes are accepted.

    C 418 91


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