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Fab Modules Project

Fab Modules is a browser-based CAM system, which allows to generate toolpaths for and control lasercutters, CNC-mills and waterjets commonly found in fablabs.

Milling circuit boards

Supported machines


  • Epilog
  • Trotec
  • GCC
  • Universal


  • GCC
  • Roland


  • Shopbot
  • Roland MDX-15/20/40 and SRM-20
  • Smoothieboard
  • Othermill

Speciality machines

  • Oxford ulaser
  • Resonetics Excimer microlaser
  • Omax waterjet

Other tools

  • Generic G-code output
  • Gerber file
  • DXF and SVG output
  • Mesh


Download Fabmodules using git

git clone

Install the node.js dependencies

npm install


Start the server which lets webinterface communicate with hardware

npm start

You can now open Fabmodules web interface, either at or http://localhost:12345/index.html

See the wiki for further instructions.


Open source, custom MIT-like license