CodeReview is a Git GUI tool to perform code review (Diff Viewer) written in Python3 and Qt5.
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CodeReview license CodeReview python version

CodeReview last version

CodeReview Home Page is located at


Authors: Fabrice Salvaire


V1 2017-12-20

  • Redesigned INotify support


The aim of CodeReview is to provide tools for code review tasks on local Git repositories. As opposite to software like Gerrit for example, CodeReview is not designed to perform code review at a team level, but to check the stage before a commit and show the difference between two versions. In particular, CodeReview fills the gap with IDEs that don't provide efficiently these features.

How to use CodeReview ?

CodeReview provides two applications pyqgit and diff-viewer.


The main features of CodeReview are:

  • display and browse the log and paches of a Git repository
  • diff side by side using Patience algorithm
  • watch for file system changes

Diff viewer features:

  • stage/unstage file
  • number of context lines
  • font size
  • line number mode
  • align mode
  • complete mode
  • highlight mode


On Fedora

RPM packages are available for the Fedora distribution on

Run these commands to enable the copr repository and install the last release:

dnf copr enable fabricesalvaire/code-review
dnf install CodeReview

From PyPi Repository

CodeReview is available on PyPI repository:

Run this command to install the last release:

pip install CodeReview

Notice, it requires Python 3 and a C compiler.

From source

CodeReview source code is hosted at

Clone the Git repository using this command:

git clone

Then build and install CodeReview using these commands:

python build
python install


CodeReview requires the following dependencies:

  • Python 3 (at least v3.4)
  • pygit2 and libgit2 see link for installation instruction
  • Pygments
  • PyQt5
  • PyYAML
  • A C compiler to compile a module

How to help

  • test it on Windows and OSX
  • fix bugs: look at issues
  • sometime pyqgit is slow: profile code to find issues