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Fashion Sense

Formerly All Your Clothes are Belong to Me (AYCABTM).

Allows all your characters to choose random clothes every time they enter one of the specific places!

You can specify what clothes are chosen by putting your Character Cards in the FashionSense folder.

Get Started


  1. Download the FashionSense folder inside the Example folder in this repository.
  2. Extract the FashionSense folder inside Koikatu\UserData.
  3. Put some more Character Cards in each of the folders inside the FashionSense folder for more diversity.


  1. Make a folder inside Koikatu\UserData and name it FashionSense.
  2. Create another folder inside the FashionSense folder and name it however you want.
  3. Put a bunch of Character Cards inside the folder you created inside the FashionSense folder and it's done!


  1. Make some config.ini files!