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FastForward is no longer being actively maintained.
You can fork this project and continue the development if you wish, or contact @undeadjess to take over this repo.
We are still accepting some pull requests!

If you're looking for an alternative, we recommend: bypass-all-shortlinks debloated (userscript) or ads-bypasser (userscript).
If you have an adblocker on your browser, these filter lists can help: yokoffing's filterlists | Actually Legitimate URL Shortener Tool.

The Crowd-Bypass server is still running, you can see the api documentation here, and anyone is free to use it.

Maybe give the devs a hug, they all deserve one:

Thanks for your support over the years!
The FastForward Team <3

Don't waste your time with compliance. FastForward automatically skips annoying link shorteners.

Builds Discord

Get FastForward on Chromium based browsers Get FastForward on Microsoft Edge Get FastForward for Firefox

We need developers to work on bypasses! If you're interested, join our Discord.

Installing the Extension

Please refer to our installation guide.

Supported websites

Refer to our bypassed list.


What is FastForward?

FastForward is the successor of Universal Bypass (see below), a browser extension that can bypass annoying link shorteners, so you don't need to waste your time trying to get to the final link. You can see the extension in action on our official website.

What happened to Universal Bypass?

As you may know, Universal Bypass is no longer maintained by its original developer, Sainan, who had worked on it for so long.

Does FastForward have a Discord server?

Yes! If you are interested in assisting the development, need help, or just wanna hang out, you can click here to join our server.