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This data table plugin was developed for an angular.js application and was designed to be a reusable component. I wanted to share my implementation with the community to make your life easier. :)
I hope together we can improve it even further!

This implementation is based on the plug-in called DataTables.
The data table is wrapped inside an angular directive, styled with Twitter Bootstrap, it uses a lot of jQuery and have a whole new API to customise the table.

For more information about this plugin, please refer to my blog:

API documentation is available on !

I created a sample app to show how to use the table and most of its features. 
The sample app is an angular.js app. You can start using it by running the "grunt server" command.

This plugin is released under GPL v2 licensing.

If you discover any bugs in the plugin or have any suggestions for improvements or you just simply like it, please free to get in touch with me: