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CodeBit: A class that represents a timezone offset, and converts to and from a metadata tag.
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TimeZoneTag is a class for representing the timezone offset associated with a DateTime metadata field. The class has methods for parsing a timezone metadata tag, formatting a tag, and for converting between UTC and local time.

The software is distributed in C# as a CodeBit located here. It is released under a BSD 3-Clause open source license.

TimeZoneTag is part of the FileMeta initiative because it manages a particular type of metadata field.

This project include the master copy of the TimeZoneTag.cs CodeBit plus a set of unit tests which may also serve as sample code.

TimeZoneTag does not depend on any other CodeBits.

About CodeBits

A CodeBit is a way to share common code that's lighter weight than NuGet. Each CodeBit consists of a single source code file. A structured comment at the beginning of the file indicates where to find the master copy so that automated tools can retrieve and update CodeBits to the latest version.

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