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Automatically refactor Latex code
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Automatically refactor Latex code


    [perl] [options...] [latex_file...]

This script modify inplace all given latex files. The update version has the ORIGINAL name while a backup version is also created. Backup is named ORIGINAL.bak . ORIGINAL is the name of the current input file.

Command Line Options

Argument Effect
--verbose enables verbose mode
--auto find, and refactor, all .tex file in current directory and all its subdirectories, others file given from command line are ignored
--label Automatically add a label under 'section', 'subsection', 'subsubsection' and 'chapter'. Label marker is based on section/chapter name. The new label is added only if needed.

Refactor Notes automatically modifies file inplace. It starts from a correct latex file an make it better:

  1. Properly indent each block

  2. Converts each perenthesis inside an equation or align block into its equivalent with \left or \rigth:

    ( for example becomes \left(

  3. Apply given MACROs


User can optionally add a file named macro.txt into the working directory. In this file the user can specify some macros the will add to each line. The user must pay attention to the macro names: if a name collides a latex command this will be overwritten.

macro.txt format

macro.txt is a line based file, each line contains a macro:

a macro has the following format



    NAME "VALUE" will search for each occurrence of each NAME and replace it with the proper VALUE.

Lines that starts with '#' are considerd comments and are ignored.

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