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The repo contains the source code for all the tutorials on the FilledStacks Youtube channel.
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001-tik_tok_ui Renamed the main folder for the tiktok tutorial Mar 21, 2019
002-flutter-flare-pt1 Updated the readme's for the project to include the latest links Mar 23, 2019
003-smart-flare Adding the starting project for the flutter basics tutorial Mar 29, 2019
004-flutter-basics Updated the readme with the new article link. Mar 30, 2019
005-basic-navigation Added the code for the navigation guie to the tutorials repo and upda… Apr 9, 2019
006-flare-drawer Added the animation file Apr 16, 2019
007-scoped-model-guide Finished up the async functionality on view shown for scoped model gu… Apr 19, 2019
008-realtime-stats-app-with-firebase Added starting project for provider architecture setup May 17, 2019
009-realtime-feedback-app Added the code for the latest addition to the Skeleton Watcher app bu… May 7, 2019
010-provider-architecture Merge branch 'master' of… Sep 12, 2019
011-network-sensitive-ui Added the network sensitive UI tutorial May 22, 2019
012-provider-architecture-pt2 Removed the base view dispose call since it's being called by the Pro… Jun 6, 2019
013-dependency-injection Added type for the Provider .of cal Jun 7, 2019
014-provider-v3-updates Final project after following the new written tutorial. Jun 13, 2019
015-flare-splashscreen/flare_splash Added Flare SplashScreen tutorial Jun 21, 2019
018-bottom-sheet-guide/bottom_sheet_guide Added the code for the tutorial on the bottom sheet guide. Jul 11, 2019
019-animation-basics Added the new animation guide files used for the video tutorial Jul 17, 2019
021-completer_dialogs Moved the code to the correct tutorial number Aug 2, 2019
022-lifecycle-manager Added final files for the lifecycle manager in Flutter Aug 7, 2019
023-abstraction-setup-fakedata Added part 1 abstraction tutorial code and readme links Aug 19, 2019
024-abstraction-unit-test Renamed the final get_it version of abstraction setup for unit tests. Aug 21, 2019
025-navigation-service Added the final code for the navigation service Aug 28, 2019
026-stream-basics Added the final code for the stream basics tutorial. Sep 9, 2019
027-location-service Added the new location service code. Sep 12, 2019
LICENSE Create LICENSE Mar 26, 2019 Added the links to the new location service tutorial. Sep 13, 2019

Flutter tutorials

The repo contains the source code for all the written tutorials by Filledstacks.

All Tutorials plus additional snippets and shorter posts can be found on the Official FilledStacks website.

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Please clone and star this repo to stay up to date on changes.


027 - Flutter Location Service [ Video ] [ Written ] - This tutorial covers the should be common task of wrapping a set of functionality within a service. We build a location service that provides continuous updates using the Location package.

026 - Flutter stream basics. Absolute basics [ Video ] [ Written ] - This is a short tutorial that covers the creation, usage and management of streams. I also cover how to manually create Streams using async* functionality.

025 - Flutter navigation without BuildContext | Navigation Service [ Video ] [ Written ] - This tutorial covers the creation of a Navigation Service to move your navigation logic out of your UI files into the business logic files.

024 - Abstraction in Flutter Pt2 | Better unit tests using Abstraction [ Video ] [ Written ] - In this tutorial we go over how using Abstraction can make your unit tests better.

023 - Abstraction In Flutter Pt1 | How it can save hours of development time [ Video ] [ Written ] - This tutorial is part one of the abstraction series that will cover the benefits of abstraction in practical use cases. In this one we look at how using a second implementation of an interface that returns fake data can speed up your application development.

022 - Build a Lifecycle manager for Background behaviour in Flutter [ Video ] [ Written ] - In this tutorial I go over how to build and hook up a LifeCycle manager to the Flutter AppLifeCycle. We use that to start and stop services within our architecture when the app enters a background state or come back to the foreground.

021 - Build an architecture for your dialog management in Flutter [ Video ] [ Written ] - This tutorial guides you on how to create a dialog manager in Flutter that allows you to show and access information from dialogs from your business logic.

020 - A Guide to using Futures [ Video ] [ Written ] - This tutorial goes over the functionality provided by Futures and how to use it.

019 - Flutter animation Guide | Deep Dive | Flutter Hooks and Flutter Sequence Builder [ Written ] [ Video ] - This tutorial goes over every way you can organise your animation code using the provided flutter functionality. Then we go to Flutter hooks to help reduce the code and we look at the sequence builder to create some combined animations.

018 - Bottom Sheet Guide in Flutter [ Written ] [ Video ] - This tutorial goes over everything you need to know to effectively make use of the BottomSheet in your app.

017 - Better Logging in Flutter [ Written - Effective Logging ] [ Written - Setup Guide ] [ Video ] - This set of tutorials cover logging in Flutter. It shows you how to set it up, and it also gives you guidelines on where to use it and what to log when using it.

016 - Flutter Navigation using Named Routing [ Written ] [ Video ] - This tutorial guides you through everything you need to know about navigation in Flutter using named routing.

015 - Animated SplashScreen with Flare [ Written ] [ Video ] - This tutorial shows how to setup your splash following up with a nice intro animation built in Flare.

014 - Flutter Provider V3 Architecture using ProxyProvider [ Written ] [ Video ] - In this tutorial we implement a previously built app using Provider only and show how an architecture with dependency injection can be setup using the ProxyProvider.

013 - Flutter Dependency Injection for Beginners [ Written ] [ Video ] - In this tutorial I explain what dependency injection is in plain english and show three ways of implementing it in Flutter.

012 - Flutter Provider - Sharing Data Between Models using Services [ Written ] [ Video ] - In this tutorial I expand on my previous tutorial showing how you share data between models using services.

011 - Network Sensitive UI in Flutter using Provider and Connectivity [ Written ] [ Video ] - In this tutorial I create a network sensitive UI that shows different states based on the status of your connection.

010 - Flutter Architecture - A complete guide to Provider [ Written ] [ Video ] - In this tutorial / guide I cover the complete architecture to build a production app using the provider package for state management.

009 - Build a User Feedback app using Flutter and Firebase [ Written ] [ Video ] - In this tutorial I guide you through the steps to implement a real time user feedback app using firebase, flutter and the ScopedModel architecture.

008 - Building a Realtime stats monitor using Flutter and Firebase [ Written ] [ Video ] - In this tutorial I go over the steps for implementing a real time stats monitor for AppSkeletons

007 - Flutter Architecture - A complete guide to the ScopedModel architecture [ Written ] [ Video ] [ AppSkeletons ]- In this tutorial we'll lay the foundation to develop an application using Flutter and ScopedModel that's easy to maintain and extend.

006 - Flutter + (Smart)Flare - Building a Gooey side menu [ Source ] [ Video ] [ Animation ] [ Written (code only) ] - In this tutorial I go over the process of building a slide out menu in Flare. Then importing into Flutter and using SmartFlare to add some interactive functionality to it.

005 - Overflown Stacks - A Guide to basic navigation in Flutter using Navigator [ Video ] [ Written ] [ Source ] - This repo contains an implementation of basic navigation using the code snippets defined in the guide.

004 - Flutter Foundation - Handling Async behaviour - From setState to Architecture [ Written ] [ Source ] [ Video ] - In this tutorial I show how you to handle async functionality and all it's states starting with setState and working up to a reactive architecture using streams.

003 - Using SmartFlare for Flare animation interactions [ Video ] [ Written ] [ Package ] [ Source ] - In this tutorial I introduce my SmartFlare package that wraps normal FlareActors into a more interactable widget.

002 - Smarter Flare Animations in Flutter - An Experiment [ Video ] [ Written ] [ Source ] - In this tutorial we look at how to reduce animation boiler plate code in Flutter using some basic calculations and the Awesome Flare.

001 - Building a UI in Flutter - TikTok example: [ Video ] [ Written P1 ] [Written P2] [Source] - In this tutorial we break down the UI into Flutter Widgets, complete our layout and then tweak to get our final design to match our screenshots.

Tools by FilledStacks

SmartFlare: An extension of the already awesome Flare packages that adds interactive to FlareActors with some more functionality.

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