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Firebird manual module

After checking out the manual module and downloading the necessary
tools and libs (see the readmes in manual/lib and manual/tools), and
if your Java environment is set up correctly, open a command window
and go to the directory manual/src/build.
Then give one of these commands:

  ./         [ Unix    ]
  build              [ Windows ]

to get an overview of compilable targets.

If that worked, try e.g.:

  ./ html    [ Unix    ]
  build html         [ Windows ]

to build the HTML version of the docs.
(Note: the HTML pages will wind up in manual/dist/html)

Warning: if you build the pdf target, you will get lots of error
messages. Don't let that discourage you. Just look at the last
output lines: if it says BUILD SUCCESSFUL there, everything's fine.

If you have any questions, *first* get the Docbuilding Howto at:

If your question isn't answered there, post a message to the Firebird
docwriters' list. You can use this page to subscribe: