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No Maintenance Intended

Xcode 8 does not load unsigned code anymore - see alcatraz/Alcatraz#475, therefore this project is deprecated and only available for historical purposes.

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Fixing the Fix Issue button

This Xcode plugin disables the Fix Issue functionality in Xcode. This way, none of your team members can click this button by mistake and might end up revoking existing certificates and provisioning profiles.

Fix Issue
🔒 Avoid breaking existing profiles when clicking the Fix Issue button
🚀 Saves you hours of dealing with code signing
Super easy installation
💻 Support for iOS, OS X, watchOS and tvOS projects

Fix Issue


Using fastlane

Add the install_xcode_plugin to your Fastfile. This way, the plugin gets installed for the whole team, so that no one can revoke your certificate by mistake.

lane :xcode do
  install_xcode_plugin(github: '')
fastlane xcode


You can install FixCode using Alcatraz.

First, install Alcatraz using

curl -fsSL | sh
  • Restart Xcode
  • Click on Window
  • Select Package Manager
  • Search and Install FixCode
  • Restart Xcode

What does this do?

The primary goal of this plugin is to disable the original Fix Issue button, as it has side effects, like sometimes revoking your certificates and with it all its provisioning profiles.

This is especially a big problem when working in a bigger team: Someone clicks the Fix Issue button and revokes the other profiles. This includes Enterprise profiles, resulting in breaking the app on all devices it's installed on.

This Xcode plugin will deactivate the button and replace it with emojis. The button will open the official code signing guide.

You might ask yourself, why the button doesn't just run sigh or cert: Check out the blog post about developer tools by Felix Krause for more information about how developer tools should be transparent and show you what they do.

Fix Issue


Need help?

Please submit an issue on GitHub and provide information about your setup


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. See the LICENSE file.

This project are in no way affiliated with Apple Inc. This project is open source under the MIT license, which means you have full access to the source code and can modify it to fit your own needs. This tool run on your own computer or server, so your credentials or other sensitive information will never leave your own computer. You are responsible for how you use this tool.