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Open Source Feature Flags, Remote Config, and A/B Testing service

Feature Flag, Remote Config and A/B Testing platform, Flagsmith

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Flagsmith is an open source, fully featured, Feature Flag and Remote Config service. Use our hosted API, deploy to your own private cloud, or run on-premise.

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  1. flagsmith Public

    Open Source Feature Flagging and Remote Config Service. Host on-prem or use our hosted version at

    Python 2k 139

  2. This is the documentation repository for the Docs of Flagsmith. Ship features with confidence using feature flags and remote config. Host yourself or use our hosted version at https://www.flagsmith…

    JavaScript 33 30

  3. Helm Charts for Flagsmith. Feature flagging and remote config service. Host yourself or use our hosted version.

    Mustache 19 26

  4. This project powers the core Flagsmith API flag evaluations engine.

    Python 7 2


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