Flan's Mod for Minecraft
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ChrisLane Fix #971
Fixes a crash when a content pack hasn't set a name for an item.
Warnings were added for if names weren't configured.
Latest commit 452409a Nov 19, 2018


Flan's Mod

Here you will find the source code for the Minecraft modification, Flan's Mod. If you want to pitch in, just submit a pull request, and either aidancbrady, ChrisLane or jamioflan will review and merge. If you are here because of a crash or bug, you can simply submit it in the Issues section. Be sure to double-check that the bug wasn't reported previously or caused by other modifications.

This GitHub environment is to be treated maturely -- do not release any of this source code without prior permission from jamioflan.


  1. Download/clone this repository
  2. Run the build command for your system in the repository
    • Linux/Mac: ./gradlew build
    • Windows: gradlew.bat build
  3. Built files are found in the directory ./build/output