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Implementing chat module by using Nowjs #213

lavinachitara opened this Issue Dec 28, 2012 · 6 comments

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I am implementing chat module by using nowjs but its site is not working. I am not able to see its documents and all syntax.

Will you please suggest me that is It ok for going nowjs for implementing chat ?

If yes then how can I download its guide and full of syntax list to use in my module.


Check out - They even have an example chat application and they offer a free version up to 500 megs.


But I have already started my module in Nowjs and now I am in a big stuff where I wanna call client side function in server side to show some output data on client side. If I tested on browser it will hit my client side but when I call it by mobile app it did not hit that function.

Can somebody help to sort out this issue.

ghost commented Dec 28, 2012

My code in server.js = function(my){
nowjs.getGroup('hi all');

and I am accessing this on client side [which is in javascript in mobile app]


now.writeSayHi = function(msg_argument) {
console.log('I am in writing say hi');

Getting error on server console

[TypeError: Property 'writeSayHi' of object # is not a function]
TypeError: Property 'writeSayHi' of object # is not a function
at (C:\node\nodechat\nodechat_server.js:235:37)
at Socket.rfcHandler (C:\node\nodechat\node_modules\now\lib\user.js:111:19)
at Socket.EventEmitter.emit as $emit
at SocketNamespace.handlePacket (C:\node\nodechat\node_modules\now\node_modu
at Manager.onClientMessage (C:\node\nodechat\node_modules\now\node_modules\s\lib\manager.js:487:38)
at WebSocket.Transport.onMessage (C:\node\nodechat\node_modules\now\node_mod
at Parser. (C:\node\nodechat\node_modules\now\node_modules\socket
at Parser.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:96:17)
at opcodeHandlers.1.finish (C:\node\nodechat\node_modules\now\node_modules\s\lib\transports\websocket\hybi-07-12.js:289:16)
at Parser.opcodeHandlers.1.expectData [as expectHandler] (C:\node\nodechat\n

Please help me to solve above issue. I want to call client side function on server in now namespace.


Declare writeSayHi above now.sayhi('hello')


Thanks HardlyMirage, but I completed chat module completely for ios mobile :-) with group chat and one to one chat

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