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'flow-platform' is a backend project for, it consist three main sub projects:

  • api:
  • control-center: to handle agent status and dispatch task to agent
  • agent: running in the any where to receive task from control center

Getting Start

Start with docker

首先 Docker pull flowci/flow-platform , 把对应的镜像拉下来


  • FLOW_API_DOMAIN:部署的后端 API 域名地址 必填
  • FLOW_WEB_DOMAIN:部署的前端 Web 页面的域名地址 必填
  • FLOW_SYS_EMAIL:flowci 系统管理员账号 必填
  • FLOW_SYS_USERNAME:flowci 系统管理员的用户名 必填
  • FLOW_SYS_PASSWORD:flowci 系统管理员密码 必填
  • MYSQL_PASSWORD:flowci MYSQL 数据库的密码 必填
  • MYSQL_HOST:flowci MYSQL 数据库的 HOST 必填
  • PORT:外网访问的 API 端口,默认:8080 选填
  • MYSQL 的存储路径: ~/flow-ci/db 选填
 docker run -it \
   -e MYSQL_HOST= \
   -e MYSQL_PASSWORD=123456 \
   -e \
   -e FLOW_SYS_USERNAME=admin \
   -e FLOW_SYS_PASSWORD=123456  \
   -p 8080:8080 \
   -v ~/flow-ci/data:/var/lib/mysql \

Build by maven

Using standard maven mvn clean install -DskipTests=true to generate packages


In build phase will generate three packages:

project package container
api flow-api.war tomcat 8.5
control-center flow-control-center.war tomcat 8.5
agent flow-agent-{version}.jar

flow api


  • Mysql 5.6

flow control center


  • Apache zookeeper 3.4.10
  • Mysql 5.6
  • RabbitMQ 3.6.10


Configuration file can be loaded by sequence:

  • System envrionment variable: FLOW_CONFIG_PATH
  • System property: -Dconfig.path
  • Default directory: /etc/

The sample properites file in :



Start agent by following command:

java -jar flow-platform-agent-{version}.jar {zookeeper address} {zone name} $HOSTNAME

Build by docker

Run ./ will generate required docker images for back-end and for agent.

To start backend services

docker-compose up

To start agent

docker run --network=host -e FLOW_ZOOKEEPER_HOST= -e FLOW_AGENT_ZONE=default -e FLOW_AGENT_NAME={agent name you want}


flow-platform is an open source project, sponsored by under the Apache License, Version 2.0.