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Simple CRUD example with Vaadin 10

This repository contains a tutorial on how to create a simple CRUD view for managing a list of orders. The example is structured as a sequence of steps, where each commit represents an incremental change to a Vaadin starter, and each tag represents a milestone through the tutorial.

You can run the application by using mvn spring-boot:run or directly by running the Application class from your IDE, then open http://localhost:8080/ in the browser.

  1. Download the Vaadin 10 Project Base Starter with Spring.

  2. Import the project to the IDE of your choosing as a Maven project.

  3. Add entities and repository classes (for this example, our "repository" is just an in-memory list).

  4. Add fields, grid and buttons.

  5. TAG step-1 Now we have the UI components, but no behaviors.

  6. Instantiate a Binder and define bindings for each field.

  7. TAG step-2 At this point we have some validations (provided by Binder) but we cannot add new orders.

  8. Autowire the repository, so that it can be used from the view.

  9. Add a click listener to the OK button, so that when the user clicks the button a new row is added into the grid, based on the filled values.

  10. TAG step-3 Now, new orders can be added to the grid (but after the user adds an order, the input fields remains filled, and if the user clicks the OK button again a duplicate order will be saved).

  11. Add a clearForm method that updates the Binder with a new instance of Order in PENDING state.

  12. Add a click listener to the Cancel button, that invokes clearForm.

  13. Invoke clearForm from the OK button's click listener, after the new order has been saved.

  14. TAG step-4 Now the form fields are cleaned after the user clicks on either OK or Cancel button, but we cannot edit existing items.

  15. Add a grid selection listener that loads the value of the selected row into the Binder (if no row is selected, call clearForm so that the fields are set to their initial state).

  16. Modify the OK click listener: if a row is selected, then update it with the new values.

  17. Add a DELETE action in the Grid.

  18. Add a renderer for the "priority" column.

  19. TAG step-5 The end result.