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ptmalloc2 heap dumper and visualizer
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ptmalloc2 heap dumper and visualizer

This is a tool for dumping the ptmalloc2 heap into a file, and for visualizing that dump. I wrote this as part of my research into what causes memory bloating in Ruby.


ptmallocdump.c is a library responsible for dumping the heap to a file.


  • This dumper has only been tested on Ubuntu 18.04. The dumper relies on specific glibc/ptmalloc2 internals, so it will most likely break if you use it on any other OS/distro/glibc version.
  • This dumper is also not thread-safe. It does not acquire any ptmalloc2 mutexes. When using it, make sure that the process you're dumping is idling in all threads.
  • Although I haven't explicitly tested, this dumper is probably incompatible with swapping. It uses mincore() to check whether a page is in use or whether it has been madvise(MADV_DONTNEED)'ed, but I suspect that if a page has been swapped to disk then mincore() would return the same result. So disable swap space.


Compile it as follows:

gcc -shared -g ptmallocdump.c -fPIC -o -Wall -fno-strict-aliasing


This library contains two functions that you must call in order to dump the heap of the current process:

void dump_main_heap(const char *path, void *main_arena);
void dump_non_main_heaps(const char *path, void *main_arena);

If you want to call this library from Ruby then you can use FFI to load it:

require 'ffi'

module PtmallocDumper
  extend FFI::Library
  ffi_lib '/path-to/'

  attach_function :dump_non_main_heaps, [:string, :size_t], :void
  attach_function :dump_main_heap, [:string, :size_t], :void

dump_main_heap dumps the ptmalloc2 main heap, while dump_non_main_heaps dumps all the other (i.e. non-main) heaps. For a full dump, you must call both functions.

path is the file to which to dump to. That file will be opened in append mode so it's fine if you pass the same filename to both functions.

main_arena is the address of the main_arena static global variable in glibc's malloc/arena.c. You can find out what that address is through the following method. It is required to have the glibc debugging symbols installed (libc6-dbg package).

  1. Obtain the relative address of the 'main_arena' variable within glibc:

    objdump -t /usr/lib/debug/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ | grep ' main_arena' | awk '{ print $1 }'
  2. Obtain the base address of the glibc library mapping in the process that you want to dump:

    grep '/$' /proc/<PID>/maps | grep ' r-xp ' | cut -d- -f 1
  3. Sum both addresses. That's the address to pass to the main_arena argument for those function calls.



gem install oily_png --no-document


ruby ./visualize_heap.rb <DUMPFILE> <OUTPUT DIR>
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